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this project looks cool

Thank you, though the development is currently on hold

Game doesn't work? Whenever I try to make a new world it errors with an out of memory exception, despite me having a ridiculous amount of RAM.

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This is a known issue on some PCs. Do you mind sending me your log file and the System Info box from the main menu?

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I figured out the problem, if you launch it without setting your ram limit to higher than what it default sets it to, it will not let you play or make a world. Append this to your JVM arguments so that it doesn't do this again: 


What this does is set the max memory allocation to 1 gig instead of the 0.25 it was set to before. I hope this helps anyone else who runs into this annoying yet easy to solve problem. 

Edit: Apart from that annoying bug, it's a great tech demo, I'd love to see how it goes. 

Not sure. We tested it with my friend with even 2 gigs and still didn't work for him

I'd love to see the reports then, as using a 32x Java that argument worked perfectly fine.
What I DID accidentally do was use the Xms argument instead of the xmx, however JVM was smart enough to set min/max to that. It worked perfectly after that. I'd love to see if I can maybe help with this project.

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Okay I managed to reproduce and further investigate the error so uploaded a new version with improved error handling. There is now a .bat file attached to launch the game with 1 GB limit. Thank you very much for helping me out!

itt egy teljes váltózát a modnak :

Köszi! Kitettem a letöltésekbe

szia sakki csináltam modot:


Wow ez menő! Tovább fogod fejleszteni, vagy kitehetem a letöltésekbe?

tovabb fejlesztem

any where I can et a guide on modding?

No guide yet, but I uploaded a mod with English comments. Put the randomod folder in the mods folder and examine the structure. All the working functions are included in mod.js

kk thanks that's all I really need is a little bit of an example to get me started


Cool, don't forget to post what you made!

doesn't work for me generated a world for 30 minutes and still didn't work

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This is a known issue. Did you try creating another world and do you use the latest version? If yes, could you send me the System Info box from the main menu, and your log.txt file?

Uploaded a new version, should be fixed now

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The whole game is created from scratch in java, with no external libraries.

Wait, is it software rendered?

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Exactly, only Graphics2D was used.