A downloadable FactoryIsland for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Factory Island is a Voxel-based sandbox survival game. Since you are trapped on an asteroid, the challenge is to set up suitable living conditions with assembly lines.

This game features

  • Random generated worlds (or by seed)
  • 2-sided map
  • Flowing water and oil
  • Complex electronic & energy - machine circuitry (Coming soon, kinda here)
  • Agriculture (Coming soon)
  • Aliens (Coming soon, kinda here)
  • Many graphical settings (e.g. optional textures)
  • A proper modding API
  • Ad-hoc Multiplayer

The whole game is created from scratch in java, with no external libraries. Make sure you download the latest version


  • WASD - move
  • Ctrl - toggle flying mode
  • Space - jump / fly up
  • Shift - fly down
  • Escape - pause
  • G - add any item to inventory
  • Q - switch between inventories
  • F2 - save screenshot (Coming soon)
  • F6 - open map to LAN multiplayer

Please let me know what you think

Install instructions

Make sure you have 64-bit Java 8 or newer installed!


FactoryIsland_0.8.1.jar (LATEST) 36 MB
FactoryIsland_0.7.8.jar (OUTDATED) 36 MB
FactoryIsland_0.6.2.zip (OUTDATED) 36 MB
randomod.zip 3 kB

Development log


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doesn't work for me generated a world for 30 minutes and still didn't work

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This is a known issue. Did you try creating another world and do you use the latest version? If yes, could you send me the System Info box from the main menu, and your log.txt file?

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The whole game is created from scratch in java, with no external libraries.

Wait, is it software rendered?

(1 edit)

Exactly, only Graphics2D was used.