0.10.1 Release

  • Added sun, sunlight, the sun orbits around the island, illuminating each side for 10 minutes (aliens don't spawn in light)
  • Added PvP, PvE, health bar: Aliens start with 10 HP, players do 1 HP damage, aliens deal 3 HP damage
  • F1 key now toggles the entire HUD
  • Added experimental Direct Rendering setting which gives FPS increase or decrease depending on your hardware and in-game settings
  • Added new launch options: -small -map -server
  • The HUD has been made to better adapt to the resolution
  • Creative mode now works in multiplayer
  • Electricity and the modding system has been repaired
  • Added map compatibility check
  • Java 13 OpenJ9 JRE and launcher has been bundled to the binaries (except for Mac)
  • Downloads have been moved to MediaFire, along with every previous version from the beginning of the project (2016!)
  • Almost everything reworked


Factory Island v0.10.1
Jan 08, 2020
Legacy Downloads
Jan 08, 2020
Mod Template 3 kB
Jan 08, 2020

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